Tools for Bonsai Development

Bonsai Tools Materials :-

For Bonsai development you require various bonsai tools, which are available at horticulture stores. We recommend only a few basic bonsai tools for bigness. Once you develop this hobby and comfortable you may procure all fine and specific bonsai tools materials.
The basic bonsai tools & materials are -

1. Bonsai Pots :

bonsai tools materials bonsai pots bonsai tools materials bonsai pots Bonsai Pots are the most important bonsai materials, because this will change the whole look of bonsai. You must remember that most of the bonsai is developed as show piece. The bonsai pots are available in Various shape, colour and size. The selection of pot depends upon the trees and the style you are going to have e.g. you require a ovel shape bonsai pots for forest style bonsai.
You can start with bonsai pots of your taste and change the bonsai pot during re-potting of tree. The colour of the bonsai pots must match with the color of tree and it's flower. As the plant grows, and you find that the pot is to be change for better look, you can change the pot during re-potting. One thing you must ensure that your bonsai pots has got a drainage hole for excess water.

2. Bonsai Tools :

bonsai pots i) Sieves :Sieves are very important part of bonsai material, During the bonsai potting process, you will require 2-4 sizes of soil, therefore you must have 2-3 sieves of different size.
ii) Root Cutter : Procure a Spherical shape Cutter for this purpose.
iii) Wire Cutters : A wire cutter is required for removing wires from the plant.
iv) Wire Pliers : For removing the wire.
v) Branch Cutter : This is required for cutting the branches. Purchase a sharp Concave Branch Cutter for cutting the branches without damaging them.
vi) Scissor : Always use a scissor for cutting. Casual cutting of branches and threads will damage the tree
bonsai materials
vii) Water can :Water can is very important part of bonsai tools, which generally people ignore. Use water cans, which has a sprinkler Tools for Bonsai Development and low water flow
viii) Wire Mesh : Use plastic mesh for covering the drainage hole. A metallic mesh will get rusted with time and brake. The holes should of the size, which only permits the flow of water.
ix) Pair of Gloves :This will give you confidence during plant handling and provide you safety
x) Soil Scoop :For collection and applying the soil.

other common gardening and bonsai materials.As a beginner do not waste your money for specific bonsai tools, but start your hobby with available one. bonsai materials pots