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Candles making
how to make candles at home
Material Required :- To make candle at home as a hobby, very few material is required and can be arranged from your local market. For business purpose you are required a set up as per more
candle variety
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Mould Making:- The common shape candle moulds are available at craft shop in wood/iron/brass/Plastic material. For making a special shape you may develop your own moulds of 'plaster of Paris' for candle. How to make candle mould at home - Learn it step by step...
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Candle Making Process :- Candle making is a very simple process. You don't require a heavy technical knowledge. Learn how to make at home step by step by clicking the link. Please also read the Precautions before start of work, for your safety.
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How to make candles at home how to make at home

candles how to make at home details how to make candles at home find out

How to make candles at home how to make at home

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   How to Make candles at Home

This site is basically focussed on candle making at home, however the idea can be applied for business purpose also. Read all the sections and you will be able to make your own candle at home as a hobby.

Many of the candles sold in the market are made from home business. The best part of this hobby is that you can make some unique candles at home and sell in the market for pocket money. Otherwise also these displaying these candle is a different pleasure.
We have explained in our section - how to make mould for candle How to fill the wax, what are the precautions taken ? etc.
We have lot of designers How to make candles at home is the most frequently question asked. Therefore we have made this section for our visitors.
After reading various sections, if still you have any question about candle How to make at home. kindly contact us

Variety of candles -

i) Pillar Candles ? They are round in shape and mostly used in home for lighting

ii) Gel Candles : Clear or translucent candles made of candle gel. Candle gel is a patented material comprised of mineral oil and a polymer resin.

iii) Floating Candles : A shallow candle with a smooth, slightly convex bottom designed specifically to float on water

iv) Layered Candles : Pillars or containers that are layered in 2 or more different colors

v) Container Candles : Containers which are filled with wax and a wick.

vi) Tea-light Candles: They are generally inside a cylindrical metal container used as food warmers

vii) Votive Candles : They are usually square or cylindrical in shape which is placed in a glass cup to hold the liquefied wax that results from burning.

viii) Sculpted Candle: They are soft and can be molded or sculpted by hand and are mostly for decorative use

ix) Taper Candles : They are broader at bottom and narrow at top and used in hotels for dim light during dinner. All right reserved by (How to Make Candles at Home variety candle how to make at home)