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Structure of Web Site

Structure of Web Site

1.1 - Structure of WEB:    

The Intranet / WEB / Internet systems are basically designed for communication among different machines / computers and all of them are based on client / server system. A server is centrally located main system, where most of the data and programs stored and acts as hub center for communication. Depending up on the type of server, different numbers of users can simultaneously access the system. A simple client/server system is shown in FIG-1.1, which is basically an intranet system.

structure  of siteThis is simplest type of client / server system and generally used within an organization. In this system there is one server connected to number of clients.
web site The typical web system is shown in FIG-1.2, which is having more than one client and server. In this system the various servers are connected among themselves and any client can communicate to the other client through these server / servers. The different computer gets connected to these servers through an internet service provider. However the actual system is very much complicated and there are multiple client and servers making a WEB like structure. This is spread all over the world having different operating systems, different language, different time zone etc. This is known as 'World Wide Web' i.e. 'www'.

World Wide Web is nothing but collection of web pages and programs and as such no one owns or controls the web and no one knows how many computers are connected to the internet. It is owned and controlled at multiple levels. A web browser is a software program to gather the information from the web e.g. Internet explorer. Since any client can communicate with any other client, connected in the system, therefore all clients and server are having a unique identification address. The client and server software uses client / server protocol known as http (Hyper Text Transport Protocol) for identification of nodes and communication. In many cases an intranet is embedded in an internet system.

If you consider the above mentioned two words i.e. 'www' and 'http', you will understand the logic of most of the web page address. You must have noticed that most of the web page address is


yoursitename.com is your web site name.

The web address is technically known as URL (Uniform Resource Locator) and all web pages have a unique URL.
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