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Form in HTML Method

Chapter - 10 : Using Form Feed (Form in HTML Method): (Page 6/7)

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10.10- Sending information through Form: When you press the submit button, the inputs which are received through the Form will be forwarded to the web page defined in the first line against action tag.
Therefore the first line of 'form' tag is

<form method='post' action='sam.html'>.
---- Details of Form -------

i) Form methods: There are two ways of transferring the input to other web page i.e. 'get' or 'post'. This defines how the browser should submit the form data to server.

a) Get Method: This is the default method, and sends the form data to other web site with a question mark (?) and the value mentioned after the '?' mark used by the target Web Site.
Let us say that we want to use the name in our web site 'sam.html'.

<form method='get' action='sam.html'>.
In our 'sam'html' this will be used as variable input and if you notice the address bar of sam.html it will be some thing like


b) Post Method: The post method sends the form information as a data block to the server. Since in this method data is not visible to the end user, therefore it is more popular than 'get'.
Let us say we the input are required to be transferred to web page sam.html

<form method='post' action='sam.html'>
With this particular example the input data will go to sam.html page and the page will be automatically open.
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Form in HTML Method
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