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i frames HTML

Chapter - 11 : Using Additional Frames / Windows (i frames HTML): (Page 3/6)

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11.2- iframe: The 'iframe' command is used for running an external script / opening a different URL within the web page. Let us say you want to run other url i.e. 'new.html' in your web page

Command: <iframe src='new.html'></iframe>
This will open the 'new.html' page within the current page.

You can define the size of the window for iframe.
<iframe src="new.html" height="200" width="200"></iframe>
Here iframe content will be displayed in the size 200 * 200 px

iframe Border: By default the iframe will have a border. If you want to remove the border, so as to look it a part of your current page.

Command: <iframe src="new.html" height="200" width="200" frameborder='0'></iframe>

NOTE: Some browser does not support the iframe tag. Therefore it is advisable to add a short note as follows.

<iframe src="new.html" height="200" width="200">Your browser does not support iframe</iframe>

In this case if iframe is not displayed, then the massage 'Your browser does not support iframe' will be displayed.

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i frames HTML
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