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Special Characters in HTML

Chapter - 12 Special Characters i html & Other Tags: (Page 1/4)

Most of the HTML tags are already explained in different chapters. The few more important HTML tags are explained below. They may be required in a particular web page.

12.1- Special Characters: In HTML some characters are e.g. < and > are used in the language to enclose HTML tags. If this is used as a character, then you will find some error. Similarly there are few more special characters.

. E.g. to display '&' as '&', you have to write '& amp;' in HTML.
Please remember that all the special characters end with a semicolon (;).
Some common special characters are -

Special Characters  HTML
12.2- Acronym and Abbreviation: These two tags are used to provide the additional information about a word. Many times short form is used in web page, but if any visitor places the mouse over the word, then he can see the complete word / explanation.
For example if for 'Oil and Natural Gas' you want to use only ONG, then

<abbr title='Oil and Natural Gas'>ONG</abbr>

Both the cases the screen out put will be 'ONG', but if visitor puts his mouse over ONG, then he can see the full form i.e. 'Oil and Natural Gas.

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