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HTML Key Commands

Chapter - 13 : On Mouse & On Key Commands (HTML Key Commands): (Page 1/5)

There are few commands which get activated on the movement / click of a mouse or on use of any key. These commands make the web page more professional and user interactive.
Some important commands are

13.1-On Mouse Click: This is activated when you left click the mouse, after placing it on a particular element. This has got various uses and generally used in 'table / div / form' tags. The basic command is

onclick='somefunction();' OR onlick='SomeJavaScriptCode'

Here somefunction() is handler and event and as you click on defined button / text / area the somefunction() will start.
Some of the uses of this command are

a) To Move between previous and next page of your web history. This is used with 'form' tag.

Command: <form>
<input type='button' value='BACK'
<input type='button' value='FORWARD'

Output: You will get a screen display, as per FIG-13.1

HTML Commands 'history.go(-1)' and 'history.go(1)' are JavaScript that denotes movement through your history file. The data stored is your browser history files will be used here. If you click on 'BACK' button, you will move to previous page of your web browser history and so on. In case you do not have any previous history, the button will not function.

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HTML Key Commands
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