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CSS Text Color

Chapter - 16 : Text Color, Size and Other Decorations (CSS Text Color): (Page 1/2)

In our HTML chapters also we have explained the text decorations. In this chapter it is defined with respect to '.css' file. You may use this either way (either HTML tag in HTML file OR CSS elements in CSS file).

Any combination of the following commands can be used in an element, till it does not oppose each other
(e.g. 'text-transform:uppercase;' can not be used with 'text-transform:lowercase;' because they are contradictory)

i) color:blue; This is used to define the color of the text. English name of color or Hex Code with 'CSS Text Color' symbol can be used.

ii) font-family:'Arial'; This is used to define the Font family.

iii) font-size:10px; The text size is 10 px

iv) font-style:italic; The text in 'Italic'

v) text-transform:uppercase; ALL TEXT IN UPPER CASE

vi) text-transform:lowercase; all text in lower case

vii) text-transform:capitalize; First Letter Of All Word Will Be Capital

viii) text-align:center; The text will be in center of page / division

ix) text-align:right; The text will be right align in page / division

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