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HTML e mail Link

Chapter - 8 : Linking to Other Web Page (HTML e mail Link): (Page 4/4)

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8.4- e-mail Link: You may even put an e-mail link on your web page for ease of your visitor.

a)-Define Email address: You can define, your e-mail address in your web page and just by clicking on the text your visitor can send you a mail. If you want your visitor to contact you through e-mail, you may use the following command. Let us say your email address is yourmail@abc.com

<a href='mailto:yourmail@abc.com> Contact via e-mail</a>
Here as you click on the text, you will be taken to e-mail widow for writing mail.

b) e-mail Subject: In this command you can even add the subject field for your convenience.

<a href=mailto:yourmail@abc.com?subject=contact> Contact Me via e-mail</a>
Now as soon as your visitor click on link, a new widow will open with the sending email address and subject filled in it.

c) cc / bcc to other recipient: Furthermore you can add the multiple recipient I the same link. Let say cc to 123@xyz.com

<a href=mailto:yourmail@abc.com?cc=123@xyz.com> Contact Me via e-mail</a>

You can even have the cc , bcc and subject etc. together in a link
<a href=mailto:yourmail@abc.com?cc=123@xyz.com&subject=contact> Contact Me via e-mail</a>

Important : Please note that if you are linking to other site then you have to provide the complete link address, e.g.

and if you are linking to the same of your own web site then either you may write the complete address or else you may only write the path to that file from your current page path. E.g. if you are linking to a file (say text.html) place in the same folder, then href='text.html' will be good enough.

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