Paper Craft Museum

3d Paper Craft Bird Models In this section you will find Bird model living across the world.

About Modern Museum

This is a digital 'Paper Craft Museum'. It is our efforts to cover almost all animal in the museum. This will take time, but the process in on. We have divided the complete museum in 7 categories.

1. Birds         2. Fish & Amphibians         3. Mammals         4. reptiles & non-vertibrates         5. Plants         6. Misc (non-living)         7. Kids Craft

Our prime focus is on developing animal model, which should look almost real. However in Misc categories, we are trying to develop and have non-living items, items made from waste papers etc. and Kids Craft is self explanatory.

3D Paper Model of Fish & Amphibians

2 types of Fish Aquarium is also included in this section.

3d Paper Models of Mammals

Wild and domestic animals models

3d Models of Reptiles & Non-Vertebrates

All non-Vertebrates & Reptils

3D Models of Plants

Plant Kingdum including flowers


Non-living items and other crafts

Kids Craft

Simple models for Kids learning