Blue Jay Paper Craft 3d Model
Blue Jay Paper Craft 3d Model

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  • Blue Jay Paper Craft 3d Model
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Paper Craft 3d Model

Blue Jay

paper craft Click Here for complete Assembly Instruction
          All these 3d models are made from 100 gsm paper. This is a unique collection of 3d Paper Craft Models. Some of the templates (along with assembly instruction) of these paper craft 3D models are available for download at SeemaCraftModel at very nominal prize. Some of them are available for free download in there respective section.

Here we are making 'Mallard' species of Blue Jay'

The blue jay (Cyanocitta cristata) is a passerine bird in the family Corvidae, native to eastern North America. It is predominantly blue, with a white chest and underparts, and a blue crest; it has a black, U-shaped collar around its neck and a black border behind the crest. Males and females are similar in size and plumage, and plumage does not vary throughout the year. Four subspecies have been recognized.

It builds an open cup nest in the branches of a tree; both sexes participate. The clutch may be two to seven eggs, which are blueish or light brown with brown spots. Young are altricial, and are brooded by the female for 8 to 12 days after hatching. They may stay with their parents for one to two months.

Length :- 22 to 30 cm (9 to 12 in)

Weight 70 to 100 g (2.5 to 3.5 oz)

Wingspan of 34 to 43 cm (13 to 17 inch)

How to make 3D Paper Model of Blue Jay:-

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The templates for paper craft 3d models of Blue Jay is not available for FREE.
In Download You will find following in PDF form :

i) Template for Blue Jay : 2 sheet
ii) Template for base : 1 sheet
iii) Assembly Instruction: 2 sheets

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With this you will be able to make 2 types of Blue Jay Bird and stand. These 3d Paper Craft Models are very easy to make and one bird is approx 12 grams.

Reference Photos (helpful in making Model)- on Photo to Enlarge:
To get the Complete Template Download click Blue Jay