Flamingo Bird Paper Craft Model
Flamingo Paper Craft 3d Model

Flamingo Bird Paper Craft Model
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Paper Craft 3d Model


Flamingo Bird Paper Craft Model Click Here for complete Assembly Instruction
          All these 3d models are made from 100 gsm paper. This is a unique collection of 3d Paper Craft Models. Some of the templates (along with assembly instruction) of these paper craft 3D models are available for download at SeemaCraftModel at very nominal prize. Some of them are available for free download in there respective section.

Here we are making 'flamingo'

Phoenicopteridae is a wading bird family including flamingos and their close extinct relatives. Flamingos and their relatives are well attested in the fossil record, with the first unequivocal member of the Phoenicopteridae, Elornis known from the late Eocene epoch.

Family: Phoenicopteridae; Bonaparte, 1831
Length: Chilean flamingo: 79 - 140 cm
Height: Greater flamingo: 1.1 - 1.5 m
Scientific name: Phoenicopteridae
Higher classification: Flamingos
Mass: Greater flamingo: 2 - 4 kg, Chilean flamingo: 2.3 kg

How to make 3D Paper Model of Flamingo:-

The templates for paper craft 3d models of Flamingo is not available for FREE.
Flamingo Bird Paper Craft Model In Download You will find following in PDF form :

i) Template for Flamingo : 3 sheet
ii) Template for base : 1 sheet
iii) Assembly Instruction: 2 sheets

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With this you will be able to make 2 types of Flamingo Bird and stand.
These 3d Paper Craft Models are very easy to make and one bird is approx 14 grams.

Reference Photos (helpful in making Model)- on Photo to Enlarge:
To get the Complete Template Download click Flamingo