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How to make Origami Dog

How to make Origami Dog
  • How to make Origami Dog

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          All these 3d models are made from 80gsm/100 gsm paper. This is a unique collection of 3d Paper Craft Models.

How to make Origami Dog:-

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This site is especially developed for Kids.

Steps for 'How to make Origami Dog':-

Take A4 size paper and cut 4 square piece (a size of 10 * 10 cm is good) and follow the step shown from FIG -2 to FIG - 7

Please note that when ever you are making any fold, ensure that fold is clear and firm by pressing your finger through the fold.

Up to FIG - 5 all pieces will be folded in similer way. As shown in FIG 6, two sides of 2 pieces will be opened back to make body. Join all the pieces as shown in FIG-7 and add a tail to give it a Dog look.

You final Origami Dog will look like, as shown in the figures. Display these beautiful Dog and enjoy.

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