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Easy to Make Origami Penguin

Figures for easy to make origami penguin easy to make origami penguin         FIG - 1 easy to make origami penguin         FIG - 2 origami for kids         FIG - 3 origami for kids         FIG - 4
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Easy to Make Origami Penguin

Now a days kids know 'how to develop software', but faces difficulty in knowing 'easy to make origami penguin'. Therefore this site is especially developed for Kids.
Steps for 'Easy to Make Origami Penguin'
Take card sheet and cut a square piece (a size of 22 * 22 cm is good) and follow the step shown from FIG -1 to FIG - 6
Please note that when ever you are making any fold, ensure that fold is clear and firm by pressing your finger through the fold. After bending as per FIG-4, unfold it and bend from top to look like penguin head.

3d paper craft You final Origami Penguin will look like, as shown in the figures at Left and 3d paper craft right side. Display these beautiful penguins and enjoy.

Paper Craft is a good hobby for family. We have made lot of paper models, which you can learn by clicking on 'Paper Craft-Home' link.
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        FIG - 5                                 FIG - 6
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