Button Quail bird Paper Craft 3d Model
Button Quail Paper Craft 3d Model

Button Quail bird Paper Craft 3d Model
  • Button Quail Paper Craft 3d Model
  • Button Quail Paper Craft 3d Model
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Paper Craft 3d Model

Button Quail

Button Quail bird Paper Craft 3d Model Click Here for complete Assembly Instruction
          All these 3d models are made from 100 gsm paper. This is a unique collection of 3d Paper Craft Models. Some of the templates (along with assembly instruction) of these paper craft 3D models are available for download at SeemaCraftModel at very nominal prize. Some of them are available for free download in there respective section.

Here we are making 'Mallard' species of Button Quail'
The buttonquails are a group of small terrestrial birds.

The smallest species is the quail-plover, the only species in the genus Ortyxelos, which is 10 cm (3.9 in) in length and weighs only 20 g (0.71 oz).

The buttonquails in the genus Turnix range from 12 to 23 cm (4.7 to 9.1 in) in length and weigh between 30 to 130 g (1.1-4.6 oz).

Buttonquail or hemipodes are members of a small family of birds, Turnicidae, which resemble, but are unrelated to, the quails of Phasianidae.

Buttonquails are small, drab, running birds, which avoid flying. The female is the more richly colored of the sexes. While the quail-plover is thought to be monogamous, Turnix buttonquails are sequentially polyandrous; both sexes cooperate in building a nest in the earth, The eggs hatch after an incubation period of 12 or 13 days, and the young are able to fly within two weeks of hatching.

How to make 3D Paper Model of Button Quail:-

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The templates for paper craft 3d models of Button Quail is not available for FREE.
In Download You will find following in PDF form :

i) Template for Button Quail : 2 sheet
ii) Assembly Instruction: 1 sheets

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With this you will be able to make Button Quail Bird and stand. These 3d Paper Craft Models are very easy to make and one bird is approx 12 grams.

Reference Photos (helpful in making Model)- on Photo to Enlarge:
To get the Complete Template Download click Button Quail